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How to lose 5kg in a Month – Diet Plan (Without Excercise)

How to lose 5kg in a month, super fast and safe way, without any exercise.

Have set a goal to lose 5kg in o month?

Great! Having a smart goal makes it more likely to achieve it.

But the thing is, weight loss is not a one-time thing. You may be able to lose 5kg in a month or even in a week. But the sad part is your effort should be consistent if you cant continue it for 

So your target should build a habit and the process should be fun, easy and safe so that you can continue for the rest of life without stressing yourself. We will focus on making an easy to follow a habit.

This article is all about the diet side of fat loss, not losing weight with exercise.

3 Reasons –

  1. We believe building a food habit that you can follow the rest of your life quite easy than exercise. At least the food habit we will discuss in this post will be a lot easier and fun.
  2. Weight loss (fat loss) through a diet plan is more easily manageable
  3. One more thing you should know, your weight mostly depends on your diet. Surely exercise also can lose your weight fast, but for the long term, diet is a more efficient way of keeping your body weight in check.

Anyway, with our guide losing 5kg a month is achievable – By making some small changes to your daily food habit, you can safely lose up to 5 kg in just one month.

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